Osiris 10


Osiris 10

Rated Capacity

10 kW

Start-up Wind Speed

2.5 m/s

Rated Wind Speed

9.5 m/s

Survival Wind Speed

50 m/s


Direct drive permanent magnet(NdFeB) generator


850 kGs

Rotor Diameter

9.7 m

Number of Blades


Blade Material

Carbon fibre composite

Rotor Orientation Type


Direction of Rotation

Counterclockwise looking upwind

Rated Rotation Speed

120 RPM

Protection System in High Wind Speed

Passive pitch, active pitch and electrical brake

Grid Tie Type

Programmable 220/240 VAC 50-60HZ(single phase)
Programmable 380/400 VAC 50-60HZ(three phase)



Third party independent testing

IEC 61400-2 is the world standard for small wind turbine system with the square meters less than 200 square meters. Some countries may have their own standard based on IEC 61400-2 standard (e.g. AWEA(USA), BWEA(UK), ClassNK(Japan)). The main testing includes duration, power performance, safety and function, acoustic noise emissions, and power quality (where applicable). Osiris 10 is one of the very few small wind turbines in the world fully tested by the world famous lab Intertek based on the international standard of IEC 61400-2, American standard of AWEA 9.1 and Japanese standard of Class NK. UK MCS testing and certificate was also done by our UK partner.

With these testing and certificate, not only the third party performance independent testing data is available, but the reliabity/duralibity testing was also completed.