Btek Renewable Energy Products is proud to offer educational webinars/seminars on small wind.

Btek has attended IREC accredited SWWP training in Flagstaff, Arizona.

No other dealer has the experience or accredited IREC technical SWWP experience

that Btek R. E. Products has - whether it be Ontario - if not all of Canada.

Canada's 1st Skystream 3.7 on a 70' Motorized Monopole at Cardinal Carter Catholic High School.

Colleges / Universities

High Schools

Grade Schools

Government / Science & Education Centres

Green Initiatives for Corporate and Commercial Clients

High Visibility Installations - Municipal / City

Covering all topics from proper site locations, tower selections and heights, base construction,

electrical interconnections, interconnection agreements, turbine assembly, tower erection,

turbine operation and maintenance.

Contact us today to arrange an educational seminar at your place of learning.