Solar Energy FAQ - Here you will find usefull information on solar energy production.

Wind Power FAQ - Here you find usefull information on wind power and the properties of wind and the power you can get out of wind.

Interconnection & Net Metering -These are two types of agreements that your utility offers you when producing your own power. Understand the differences and decide what suits you best.

Hybrid Systems  - Our "expectations" of what to expect from mother nature can be easily summed up as - Winter Wind - Summer Sun. Therefore in the winter expect your turbine to product the bulk of your power and in the summer expect your solar panels to make up the bulk of power produced. Combining the two forms as we have will greatly improve power production and extract more available energy then with either one system running alone.

Gallery and Video Archives - Here we have our Gallery of photos and movie clips that Btek has completed. Also you can watch our Meter go backwards on a "gusty" day soley with the use of the Skystream. Ironically enough, it was a warm September day not a cold winter's day when this clip was taken. This demonstrates that a hybrid system can provide a lot of power from your off season sources. For example a windy day in the summer or a sunny day in the winter - we do not depend on these types of days - however these are BONUS ENERGY DAYS!