Georgian Bay, Wasaga Beach -You have WIND!!

Check out the Wind Map!


Put up a Skystream Turbine,

and never pay for hydro again at the cottage.

Wind can be a great solution to reduce

your energy costs at the cottage.

With a Skystream or Raum wind turbine, all winter long

while at your main residence, your trubine will be generating power

  that is credited DIRECTLY to your cottage energy bill.

Every spring you will come to a cottage that has thousands of KW/H's

credited on your meter, so that all the energy you now use is the energy

you produced all winter long.

Run that hot tub, or air conditioning!

The winter winds have paid the bill for you.

The Skystream connects DIRECTLY to your 240V Panel

and when the wind blows, it feeds that panel.

If you don't use that power immediately that energy then

goes out to the grid and is credited on your energy bill.

This agreement is called Net - metering.

An agreement with the utility that allows you

to store your excess energy on the grid,

so that it can be used at a later time.