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Well on September 7, 2007 our SkyStream 3.7 proved to us its ability hands down.This movie clip is a demonstration of the energy that a SkyStream 3.7 Wind Turbine can produce on a day with winds of 35km/h gusting to 50 km (20 mph gusting to 35 mph).

With the house running a normal load, we can see that at times when all the power requirements of the home are being met by the skystream, the meter will not be moving at all. Impressively at times when the SkyStream is producing more power than the house requires, the energy is then fed back to the grid, therefore causing the meter to roll backwards. Now for many, that is a sight for sore eyes

Want to watch the Skystream 3.7 in action on a day with winds 15 - 20 km/h? You can view or download the clip for viewing later. Download Skystream Video

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